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Did Fabrizio even age omg

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If they knew you were there they would just stop playing, so we had to sneak in really quietly so we could sit and listen. They used to play a lot of covers, like The Strokes. Half the time, tough, they were playing table tennis
Jill Helders about Arctic Monkeys’s rehearsal studio in his warehouse (via sardybum)

"I watch like Matt from Arctic Monkeys play [the drums] and I just feel embarrassed because I can’t like … do stuff." - Patrick Carney (x)

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There is no one that will be harder on Julian Casablancas than Julian Casablancas. Throughout the conversation, he refers to the “dead air” that precedes an answer he gives. He will stop speaking abruptly and declare his answers boring, and he will trip over himself in his general manner—and it’s helplessly endearing. There is also a profound division between the Julian Casablancas on the record and the one who converses while the tape recorder is off. He is an interested subject, but seemingly more interested in not being a subject. When he is not on the record, he’s curious and complimentary, and our conversation runs the gamut from shiitake mushrooms to nail polish. “Put a microphone in front of me…” he trails off, noting his own discomfort. Ironically, that’s what got him here in the first place
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Is that what we want?

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